Looking for a summer slip or winter storage in Stamford, CT? You have come to the right place! Harbor Point Marinas has 4 convenient marina locations in Stamford, CT. Located just minutes from I95, the Stamford Transportation Center and Stamford Downtown. For those looking to visit Harbor Point for the day, we have transient slips at Harbor Point Marina and Stamford Landing.


Winter Hours:

September through mid-October
(Columbus Day weekend)

Fuel Dock: Monday thru Friday 8am - 4:30pm

Saturday & Sunday 9am - 5pm

Mid-October through December 31st

Fuel Dock: By appointment only

Service: Monday thru Friday 8am - 4:30pm

January- April

Fuel Dock & Service: By appointment only

Contact Info

Transient slips at Harbor Point Marinas call: 203-724-9048

Transient slips for Stamford Landing: 203-965-0065

Winter Storage Pricing

HP South Marina

$38 per foot for boat/trailer

$68 per foot (including hauling, power wash bottom, block and launch in the spring)

In-water storage - $20 per foot (NO water/electricity/bubblers provided)

In-water storage

Stamford Landing Marina - $25 per foot plus electricity

HP North Marina Mega Docks - $35 per foot plus electricity

HP North Marina Transient Docks - $25 per foot plus electricity

HP East Marina – due to construction NOT available this winter season

Winter Land Storage – 205 Magee Avenue

$35 per foot for Boat/Trailer (NO water or electricity)

    • Labor Rate $ 95.00/hr.
    • Crane with Operator (min. 1 hour change except labor) $ 140.00/hr
    • Transient Rate $2-$3/ft/day
    • With electric ( Per Day)(1) 30amp $ 8.00
    • (1) 50amp $ 15.00
    • (1) 100amp $ 30.00
  • short haul 49' and under
    • Haul Out/Short Haul $7.00/ft
    • Bottom Wash $6.00/ft
    • Block Boat $4.00/ft
    • Launch Boat from Blocks $4.00/ft
    • Total for Haul, Wash, Block, Launch $21.00/ft
  • short haul 50 - 60 feet
    • Haul Out/Short Haul $11.00/ft
    • Bottom Wash $7.50/ft
    • Block Boat $4.50/ft
    • Launch Boat from Blocks $6.00/ft
    • Total for Haul, Wash, Block, Launch $29.00/ft
    • Unload Boat from Trailer OR Load onto Trailer $7.00/ft
  • bottom paint service
    • Paint Bottom - per Coat $14.00/ft
    • Anti-Foul Stem Drive and Transom Bucket T/M
    • Clean Props and Shafts T/M
  • wash, wax, compound service
    • Hull, Wash and Wax, Rub Rail to Anti Foul Paint $14.00/ft
    • Wash, Wax, Rub Rail Up T/M
    • Wash, Compound, Wax T/M
    • Wash Boat, Rub Rail Up $4.00/f
    • Winter Land Storage
      (includes Haul, Wash, Store, Block & Launch) $68.00/fl
    • Cradle or Boat Trailer Storage $350.00
    • Container Storage $20.00/fl
    • Bright Work (Varnishing) Call for quote
  • step or unstep mast
    • Under 30ft $12.00/fl
    • 30 - 39ft $13.00/fl
    • 40ft + over $14.00/fl


  • Ice sold on-site
  • Dock Staff
  • Restrooms
  • Free Parking
  • Pump Out station
  • Free Shuttle Service (weekdays only)
  • Cable TV Access>
  • 24 hour Security
  • Playground
  • Pet Parks
  • Water Taxi
  • Parks
  • Laundry
  • Health Club
  • Nearby Grocery Store & Restaurants



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